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    Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Why Do I Read Fox & NewsMax?

    Dems have questioned my resources many times, mostly being called "Republican" news sites.

    Well my thoughts have always been that the mainstream media is ultra left leaning, so of course I look elsewhere.

    But If you think I'm paranoid about left leaning, then check this out:

    Reporters give demo-commies money over republicans 9 to 1

    And this of course is why we have places like Fox News to offer a balance from the other Demo-Commie news sites.


    Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    Goodbye to Sheehan the Retard!!!

    FORT WORTH, Texas - Cindy Sheehan, the soldier’s mother who galvanized an anti-war movement with her month long protest outside President Bush’s ranch, says she’s done being the public face of the movement.
    “I’ve been wondering why I’m killing myself and wondering why the Democrats caved in to George Bush,” Sheehan told The Associated Press by phone Tuesday while driving from her property in Crawford to the airport, where she planned to return to her native California.
    “I have endured a lot of smear and hatred since Casey was killed and especially since I became the so-called “Face” of the American anti-war movement,” Sheehan wrote in the diary.Kristinn Taylor, spokesman for FreeRepublic.com, which has held pro-troop rallies and counter-protests of anti-war demonstrations, said dwindling crowds at Sheehan's Crawford protests since her initial vigil may have led to her decision.
    "Her politics have hurt a lot of people, including the troops and their families, but most of us who support the war on terror understand she is hurt very deeply," Taylor said Tuesday. "Those she got involved with in the anti-war movement realize it was to their benefit to keep her in that stage of anger."

    Geez, I wonder why she was the target of smear and hatred, I can't believe she doesn't get it. This would be a perfect husband/wife for fat Rosie O'Dinner, they're both ugly as sin, have IQ's in single digits and can't keep their huge mouths shut. She didn't care how many people including her son's fellow soldiers and friends while she went on her tangent. She must've decided she'd made enough money off of the death of her son so she can sit in her mirror-less pig sty and ponder her profits of shame. She talks like she hates smear, but the shit she spewed was more smear than you'll find in a baby's diaper, so she feels she could sling shit, but waaaahhh, please don't sling it back, perfect for a Democratic, wouldn't you say? I can say hurrah to the departure of one of the nations biggest non-celbrity traitor, but maybe she'll get extra money from the Sean Penns, Streisands, and 'Daddy Dearest' Baldwin, and the "largest Mouth on Earth, ms. O' Dinner. They can all sink in their own puddles of shit.

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Rosie O' Donut Quits "The View"

    Cool. It's about time that nasty broad got her ugly mug out of American living rooms.

    Disgusting sow that she is, I hope this is the last time we see her Petunia Pig face on any media.

    They said she could not come to an understanding on her contract. Barbera Walters must have taken the "All you can stuff" donut clause out and started making her pay for her own meals in the studio.

    That alone is worth more than most of us make in a year. I am sure she snorted and stomped her hoof and when they stood their ground, she figured someone else would want her oversized maw babbling stupidity.

    Maybe Trump will offer her a job as a Gargoyle on one of his new buildings.

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    The consequence of our apathy is Virginia Tech.

    The handwringing by the drive by media is beginning.

    How in the world could the administration of Virginia Tech and the Blackburn police have allowed this to happen?

    Why have we not eliminated guns in this society? Someone has to pay.

    The Bush Administration policies are causing so much angst among the youth that they take out their frustrations by killing people. Send in the psychologists.

    The reason tragedies like what happened on one of our great college campuses is because we now have an entire generation of people who have been coddled by their parents, released from responsibility by the social elites who blame everything on American consumerism and Bush Administration policies in Iraq, protected by their parent's lawyers when they got into trouble with the law and handed popsicles when they threaten people at school. We have removed God and all moral conscience from the public sphere. It takes a village.

    Wrong. It took one demented Chinese guy and two 9 millimeter guns. But now we will hear undoubtedly, Barack Obama and Hillary crying about the pervasiveness of guns in our society. The anger and frustration felt by the young over American imperial policies. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are looking for microphones as we speak.

    Funny, we had guns in society for over two hundred years. And we didn't have these problems.

    Why? Because parents disciplined their kids. Schools taught the Bible as required reading. Kids were held responsible when they screwed up. The standards in schools were high and not reduced to the lowest and stupidest common denominator. No matter what color you were, you were held to the standard. If you didn't, you were shamed into trying harder. If you screwed up big time, you got your ass kicked.

    If there is a more tragic illustration of what is going to happen as the left gets more and more control of the public discourse in this country, it was yesterday in Blackburn, Virginia.

    Our apathy and silence in the face of the internal dismantlement of American society and our refusal to discipline our children and hold them accountable is coming back to bite us in our silent and apathetic butt.

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Vindication for the Duke Boys

    It's about time. These kids went through some serious stress with all this "Rape the Stripper" crap bought on by a DA with a hard on to prosecute them.

    From the beginning, most people doubted the ever changing story, epsecially when faced with evidence that 1 kid wasn't even anywhere in the vincinity, but at an ATM getting his picture taken while grabbing cash. Can't look at THAT evidence now, can we Mr. DA?

    Nothing you would ever see in the news. After all, all those big bad boys attacking an innocent young black girl? Isn't this what we heard all the time? Jesse Jackson and his cohorts a marchin' and a protestin' and demandin'.....well well well. Seems not every incidence of White on Black violence is true.

    I hope they learned not to just take anyones word for it in the future. Because this will not only hurt the credibility of Blacks and women in the future when real tragedy hits, but it also doesn't help the stripper if she really does in future days, happen to get to jammed up the Hatchet Wound with a Meat Missile against her will. Who the hell will believe her? This is her second attempt at false accusations against men for rape and assault.

    But the thing that TRULY pisses me off is the fact that in this nation we are no longer innocent until proven guilty. We tend to allow authorities to draw and quarter us for simple accusations anymore. Girlfriend pissed off? Call a cop and claim abuse. The guy is arrested and into court before his eyes clear.

    This tramp ought to be arrested and prosecuted for fraud, falsifying police reports, and made to pay back every cent it took the county to try and screw these poor kids.

    No proof a crime was committed? Not to worry! Let the DA drum up illussions of guilt that need no facts to back them up. And don't worry about an ironclad alibi, it will be refused to be investigated in order to clear you if the system has a boner for you.

    If I were these guys, I would not only sue the living sh!t out of the whore that accused them, but the sheister who tried to ruin their lives. They lost over a year of education and sports where they were happy before all this garbage.

    I'd turn right around and grab everything that POS owns before watching his career flush. Now THAT'S Justice.

    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    Off To a Good Start

    Looks like Pelosi is off to a good start. First going off to foreign lands without anyone's permission, and then to make it look good,


    Read It Here

    Does she need permission? I believe so, and when surfing about it, I came across THIS.


    Wednesday, February 28, 2007


    We are now ending Black History Month here in the USA. We have recently had a Superbowl where both head coaches were Black Americans, why do we need to continue to press the issue? If we were truly a non-bigoted society we wouldn't have to hi-lite these things. I admire many black people, and being white, that shouldn't matter should it? I look at people like Condoleeza Rice, Michael Jordan, Lovie Smith and Tony Dungie as Americans, not black Americans, I admire them for their accomplishments not their color. Growing up I was nuts for Ali, Gayle Sayers, Walter Payton, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, etc, not caring what color they were, they accomplished great things, Richard prior, Eddy Murphy, Bill Cosby, all made impressions on me without color mattering. Now, what is racist? We have the dreaded N word that was a word depictiong demeaning pictures of early blacks as slaves, it was a racist word, and non-blacks can be arrested for using the word in a negative manner towards a black person, but blacks can use it all the time? We have all black colleges in our country, which is fine by me, I couldn't care except what would happen if we had all white or all hispanic colleges? Reverend Jesse and Al Sharpton would be out for blood because they would accuse the foundations of being racist. We don't need a 1960's mentality remaining in this country, why didn't we celebrate last year's Superbowl with hype that both coaches were white? How about when Tom Flores, hispanic coach took the Oakland Raiders to a Superbowl? I do not recall a big hoopla about his racial makeup. If we truly want to be a non-racist nation, don't we have to take all racist behaviors away from society? Do we need to say that because someone accomplished a good thing that they did it as a black, a Jew, An Irish-American, or hispanic? Not if we truly reach a plateau of acceptance because they are an American. Slavery is well over 100 years in the past, so is the treatment of early Irish and Chinese immigrants who were denied employment, housing, loans, etc because of their racial makeup. If we can get over the fact that an Irishman, Italian, or Chinese American accomplished something great without mentioning their heritage, can't we do the same thing with Black Americans? I personally believe that all the hoopla about the Superbowl coaches and Barack Obama is racist in itself because the mainstream media feels a need to along with Revrend Jesse and Sharpton and their ilk feel it neccessary to continue to make an issue of color. We have had many Black Americans in politics, big business, entertainment for many years, why make a big deal out of it now? It shames the the efforts of Dr. King and other high profile personalities who worked hard and constant for an America that was not based on what color someone was when they accomplished something. We don't need isiots like Sharpton or the New Orleans politicians to play the race card so publicly because that in itself is racist.

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Al Franken For President, Oh My

    Al Frankjen, the ultra-liberal dipshit from the great state of Minnesota which gave us Governor Wrestler Jesse Ventura has announced his run for public office. As if we don't already have enough jokers in the liberal arena. Hillary (I'm wishy-washy like my fave president Carter), Horsehead Kerry who can't remember what he said yesterday, Al (I'm warning the warming globe) Gore, Barak (I'm really a muslim, not a Methodist) Obama who could all make a Jay Leno line-up look dull in wit are already in the race for president. Funny thing is, latest polls show the scariest (not only in looks) to be the front-runner, Madam Billary Clinton. My God, what a frightening list of choices. Now I have no issue with a woman President, say if Condoleeza Rice ran, or a Black American, such as forementioned Ms. Rice or a brilliant talent like Colin Powell, but I'll be damned if I'll accept a woman who lies, cheats, and lies some more as president. I would find it hard to accept a black muslim (Obama was raised as a muslim by his father, he just recently joined a methodist church) as president, or a horse-headed idiot like Kerry who would have nothing if he didn't dip into his wife's pickle jars, or a completely at a loss retard like Al Gore who thinks he knows more about Global Warming than NASA. If I were a Democratic voter (Thank God I'm not), I would indeed look at the choices and vote Republican. The only thing that could be worse than the present field of Dem hopefuls would be if FatTedKennedy the drunken woman killer threw his fat hat into the ring. This must make the USA look so ignorant to those across the seas, it looks like we jump on a band wagon of a fresh view and make Hollywood idols out of hopefuls who give no hope. If people think we were ridiculed during Slick Willy's run at the top, they ain't seen nuthin' yet. Let us hope that Guliani gets party support even though his views differin some areas to the Republican Mainstream, at leat the polls show that He would easily outdistance either Mrs. Bill or Barack the muslim black. Let us hope the Republicans can get their shit together and show solidarity in the next year and a half to avoid a possible disaster of Biblical proportion.

    Friday, February 09, 2007

    Hanoi Jane has been replaced by Havana Charlize.

    As if we don't get enough Anit-American preaching from the Hollywood intellectuals like Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Sean Penn, along comes Charlize Theron.

    Don't get me wrong. She's a pretty good actor. Been in some pretty good films. She's beautiful and well spoken.

    Or so we thought.

    Fresh from Cuba where she shot a documentary about the brave and repressed hip hoppers of Havana she sticks her foot squarely in her beautiful mouth on of all places, CNN. Rick Sanchez was surprisingly pressing with her about comments comparing the lack of freedom in Cuba with the lack of freedom in the US. That's right...this was on CNN!

    Yeah right Charlize, you can't tell the two apart these days with all of that repression of people who dare to critcize the war. Are you kidding me? War critics in this country are media darlings. In Havana, criticize the government and you get a date with a bullet and the Caribbean Sea.

    Realizing she probably stepped in it on international TV, she concludes the interview with an invitation to "make out" with Sanchez. Amazing. Have a look.


    Monday, January 29, 2007

    Politicians Vote for Illegal Benefits and Language!

    Of course they did. How can they pay our social security into the hands of foreigners if they cannot understand what they are getting for free? This crap is starting to resemble a tyranny, only the torture comes from the slow death of the citizen by milking us all dry instead of just zapping my nads with some jumper cables a couple times and letting me go! Just keep the sheep stupid and screw them over and over as long as they never complain!

    So the second list are all the ones who voted to GIVE SS benefits to foreigners! Some ARE REPUBLICAN though the majority are Democrats. This is exactly how Rome fell. Not conquered from without, but degrded from within, selling citizenships and eventually falling to a vast foreign influence and corrupt politics.

    But not just any foreigners...ILLEGAL ONES! Why not rewards criminal behavior? It is obviously done every day in Washington, these grredy power hungry idiots think noything of what happens to OUR money!

    This NEEDS to be stopped, no matter WHAT party voted this crap in! It is assinine and will decimate our pitiful social security retirement to nothing! As if the system was not bad enough. PLEASE write these idiots and tellthem enough is enough already! They DO NOT represent the American public anymore! Theyr epresent only their own coffers and retirement, and their voting base by sticking it to the American citizen!

    Here is how they voted:

    The following senators voted against making English the official language of America:

    Akaka (D-HI)
    Bayh (D-IN)
    Biden (D-DE)
    Bingaman (D-NM)
    Boxer (D-CA)
    Cantwell (D-WA)
    Clinton (D-NY)
    Dayton (D-MN)
    Dodd (D-CT)
    Domenici (R-NM)
    Durbin (D-IL)
    Feingold (D-WI)
    Feinstein (D-CA)
    Harkin (D-IA)
    Inouye (D-HI)J
    effords (I-VT)
    Kennedy (D-MA)
    Kerry (D-MA)
    Kohl (D-WI)
    Lautenberg (D-NJ)
    Leahy (D-VT)
    Levin (D-MI)
    Lieberman (D-CT)
    Menendez (I-NJ)
    Mikulski (D-MD)
    Murray (D-WA)
    Obama (D-IL)
    Reed (D-RI)
    Reid (D-NV)
    Salazar (D-CO)
    Sarbanes (D-MD)
    Schumer (D-NY)
    Stabenow (D-MI)
    Wyden (D-OR)

    Now, the following are the senators who voted to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits. They are grouped by home state. If a state is not listed, there was no voting representative.

    Alaska : Stevens (R)
    Arizona : McCain (R)
    Arkansas : Lincoln (D)
    Pryor (D)
    California : Boxer (D)
    Feinstein (D)
    Colorado : Salazar (D)
    Connecticut : Dodd (D) Lieberman (D)
    Delaware : Biden (D) Carper (D)
    Florida : Martinez (R)Hawaii :
    Akaka (D) Inouye (D)
    Illinois : Durbin (D) Obama (D)
    Indiana : Bayh (D) Lugar (R)
    Iowa : Harkin (D)Kansas : Brownback (R)
    Louisiana : Landrieu (D)
    Maryland : Mikulski (D) Sarbanes (D)
    Massachusetts : Kennedy (D) Kerry (D)
    Montana : Baucus (D)
    Nebraska : Hagel (R)
    Nevada : Reid (D)
    New Jersey : Lautenberg (D) Menendez (D)
    New Mexico : Bingaman (D)
    New York : Clinton (D) Schumer (D)
    North Dakota : Dorgan (D)
    Ohio : DeWine (R) Voinovich(R)
    Oregon : Wyden (D)
    Pennsylvania : Specter (R)
    Rhode Island : Chafee (R) Reed (D)
    South Carolina : Graham (R)South Dakota : Johnson (D)
    Vermont : Jeffords (I) Leahy (D)
    Washington : Cantwell (D) Murray (D)
    West Virginia : Rockefeller (D),
    by Not VotingWisconsin : Feingold (D) Kohl (D)

    Friday, January 26, 2007

    PC and ACLU will soon eliminate even domestic disputes

    I see now there are homos whining about an actor using the word fag to describe a homo, and they want the show to fire him from the set. What a bunch of shit. I can understand the racial part of the politically correct movement to a point. No using Nigger, Kike, Spic, Mick, Kraut etc. People have no choice under which racial heading they are born into. As to Fags, that’s a choice, if I wanna be a prick, that’s my choice, if a woman wants to be a bitch, that’s her choice, so what’s the big fucking deal here? Next thing we’ll be arrested for calling our wives bitches or husbands pricks during marital spats, bitch will be acceptable if describing a female dog only, prick will only be acceptable when it has to do with a sharp point associated with a body part, but not a female sexual body part or male body part.
    I will no longer be able to call someone an asshole because now I injured their feelings by comparing them to an anal canal, so it becomes a point where if spouses fight or men argue we can be sentenced to therapy sessions or even face jail for hate crimes. I can no longer call someone a motherfucker if they never fucked a woman who had given birth. I can no longer use the name cocksucker because if they are a woman who never did, or a man who is not queer, I now caused them distress because their dignity was destroyed. We have become a nation of pussies, and whiners, and the ACLU and the supreme liberals should be forced to take training and therapy for extreme analness, and the media should all be forced into some type of therapy on how to get a fucking life. I soon won’t be able to complain about someone’s dog shit in my yard, it might traumatize their fucking puppy, so I’ll need to refer to it as dog waste. I can’t use the word piss because someone will have a relapse of a traumatic childhood incident where a brother or friend pissed on them, so I’ll be prevented from even saying piss on you. I won’t be able to say eat shit because someone may have suffered as a child having to eat shit due to poverty or eat shit because the neighborhood bully forced them to chomp on a turd. I’ll be guilty of insensitivity to those who may have suffered. What the fuck is going on in this country? We can’t use the term retard even though the situation is described as mentally retarded, we now have to call them incapacitated or mentally ill. The fucking thing about it is most retards are too retarded to know what the fuck was said, and most statements aren’t directed to them personally but as a reference. You can’t call a midget or a dwarf, midgets or dwarf, we now have to say they are vertically challenged, bullshit, they’re fuckin’ midgets. Fuckface is out as name to call someone, so is twat, shit head, dip shit, shit for brains, butt fucker, bone bandit, rump ranger, cock hound, slut, tramp, sleaze, dirt bag, pig fucker, cum stain, shit stain, chicken shit, sissy boy, limp wrist, butch, dyke, carpet muncher (for women), etc. It’s a fucking circus nowadays and it’s twenty years late, but watch out you fuckers, Big Brother is coming on heavy, he’ll make sure we don’t be insensitive to our female sex partners, we’ll not be able to say Oh God, I’m dropping my load, or here’s my deposit to the sperm disposal, maybe we can’t even say we’re cumming because it’s insensitive to their needs, we’ll have to say Oh Dear, I am nearing being satisfied. What a joke. A Fag is a fag, a bitch is a bitch, an asshole is still an asshole. These are chosen states of being, not like being born

    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Who's tougher on Crime?

    10 Year snapshot of major city crime shows that during the last 4 years of the Clinton Administration that crime was very much ahead of the republican administration's.
    Chicago murders 1997-761, 1998 704, 1999 642, 2000 643, The same numbers under Bush's last 4 years for Chicago 600, 450, 450. and 467. A drop from Clinton's high of 761 to a low of 450, a difference of 311 murders in a year's time, an improvement of over 50%. The numbers are similar in L.A. as wellfrom a Clinton high of 647 to a Bush low of 481, a drop of 166 in a year, a huge improvement. Miami although smaller by far than either Chitown or L.A. also had just under 50% improvement from a Clinton high of 103 to a Bush low of 56. Now the liberal media will hi-lite as much as possible crime increases in some cities, Milwaukee, Louisville, and Houston for example, but the increase is based on last year vs. this year comparing Bush with Bush, yet Milwaukee's murderrate although high, is 103 for last year, vs. a year of 122, 124, 121 & 127 under Clinton's last 4 years. Milwaukee had hit an all-time low 2 years ago with an 88 which is a huge decrease from the previous administration. Louisville hit 64 & 51 in the past 2 years compared to 2 years of Clinton of 85 (an all time high) and 57. The numbers speak for themselves, so how are we to believe that the new Democrat Congress/Senate will make this country safer from outside threats when history shows that they cannot even make it safer from inside threats. The poor bastards who voted Democrat this last time are in for more pain, because the majority of the libs live in the largest metropolitan areas of the country, and those are the one who will pay the steepest price as the Democratic Policies take place down the road.

    Carter Lied, 1000's Died

    This is one of the many signs held up at Brandeis College in response to Jimmy Carter's new book of bullshit on Lebanon. Since he was forced out of the White House 27 years ago, this guy instead of getting smarterhas become more dim-witted, he may obviously be suffering from dementia. I cannot recall one truthful or intelligent statement to come out of his mouth in the past decade. Pretty shitty legacy when you were shoved on your ass out of the White House by a bunch of hippies and many liberals because your administartion was an insult to the intelligence of anyone with an IQ of over10. Not only did he always try and show a very honorable spiritual side of himself, but you woulda thought he was a saint by his own description whereas he has shown himself to be very biased, opinionated, and many time dishonest, he needs to stay out of the public eye so the liberal media doesn't have any extra bullshit to lay on the American public.

    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    Dem Senate Wants to Ban Grassroots Movement

    This is straight from the Senate records here Folks.

    SO the Liberals desire that Grassroots movements and protests should be outlawed. This means Bloggers, independent writers for various sites, hell, even emails down the line would probably be abolished under this amendment if they pass it.

    Nice. Take away some more rights under the guise of democracy. It is ONLY democracy for these Orwellians IF what is said bolsters their point of view and voting base. Otherwise it becomes Mean Spirited, Huberus, Neocon Ideology, and ad naseum using dozens of PC approved labels.

    So nice that Free Speech has become a mere inconvenience for these 1884 robots who are bent on creating their Liberal Super Society of people who can only speak under approved conditions and using language contained in the Liberal PC charter.

    I say get out and contact your politicians and stop this immediately! Even democrats have to hate this kind of action to restrict Free Speech and keep the American public from voicing their opinions. This is NOT just for Right Wing opinoions folks! This will be for ALL Grassroots movements! One more step to dumb us all down and rule our lives under the Dome.

    Look at the voting list here including 2 who want to sit in the White House.

    On the Amendment (Bennett Amdt No. 20 )
    Akaka (D-HI)
    Biden (D-DE)
    Boxer (D-CA)
    Brown (D-OH)
    Byrd (D-WV)
    Cantwell (D-WA)
    Cardin (D-MD)
    Carper (D-DE)
    Clinton (D-NY)
    Dodd (D-CT)
    Durbin (D-IL)
    Feingold (D-WI)
    Feinstein (D-CA)
    Harkin (D-IA)
    Inouye (D-HI)
    Kennedy (D-MA)
    Kerry (D-MA)
    Klobuchar (D-MN)
    Kohl (D-WI)
    Lautenberg (D-NJ)
    Leahy (D-VT)
    Levin (D-MI)
    Lieberman (ID-CT)
    Lincoln (D-AR)
    McCaskill (D-MO)
    Menendez (D-NJ)
    Mikulski (D-MD)
    Murray (D-WA)
    Nelson (D-FL)
    Obama (D-IL)
    Pryor (D-AR)
    Reed (D-RI)
    Reid (D-NV)
    Rockefeller (D-WV)
    Sanders (I-VT)
    Schumer (D-NY)
    Stabenow (D-MI)
    Tester (D-MT)
    Webb (D-VA)
    Whitehouse (D-RI)
    Wyden (D-OR)


    Tuesday, January 09, 2007

    Can you hear the rumbling on the East Coast?

    It's the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves.

    Here we go again with the ACLU. Fourteen illegals from Guatemala in a van get pulled over. No one has any documentation.
    Oh my God, we just violated their CONSTITUTIONAL rights! Or at least we did according to the geniuses at the ACLU.

    What constitutional rights? I didn't realize that Franklin, Jefferson and all of the others extended the Constitutional protection to people who were not citizens and were here illegally. In that case, where were King George's rights?

    In Green Bay Wisconsin, an illegal molested a little girl, was arrested and RELEASED on a $5000 bond. The prosecutor is defending his decision based on "precedent." That's what is usual and customary in molestation cases apparently in Cheeseheadland. Which is bad enough with some piece of shit American who does it, but this guy is ILLEGAL. Were the immigration authorities notified. Nope. But they would be too busy terrorizing people here legally anyway.

    The Green Bay authorities determined that since the illegal had family in the area ( green cards anyone?) he was not a flight risk. But guess what. He jumped bail. No shit Sherlock. And now we have the Nancy Pelosi Congress who won't build a wall, and will continue to coddle people here who shouldn't be.

    If President Bush fails to do anything significant, or worse yet, sides with these people with some sort of "worker agreement"
    you won't hear a peep out of me when they decide to try to impeach him.

    midwest rightwingers.

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